syllabus.pdf - Syllabus Chemistry 1A Fall 2018 UCSB Monday-Wednesday-Friday 8:00-8:50 CHEM 1179 Instructor e-mail Office Office Hours Phone Website Dr

syllabus.pdf - Syllabus Chemistry 1A Fall 2018 UCSB...

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1 Syllabus Chemistry 1A - Fall 2018 - UCSB Monday-Wednesday-Friday 8:00-8:50 CHEM 1179 Instructor: Dr. Darby Feldwinn e-mail: [email protected] Office: CHEM 1103 Office Hours: Tuesday 2:30-3:30 (CHEM 1103), Friday 9:00-10:00 (Kerr 1150), or by appointment Phone: (805) 893-2127 Website: Students are responsible for checking their U-Mail accounts regularly. Important announcements will be e-mailed before each class. Required Text and Materials: 1) Chemical Principles (8 th Ed) by Steven S. Zumdahl. 2) ALEKS online homework ( ). 3) i>clicker 2. 4) Calculator (please bring your calculator to every class). Additional Help TAs: All TAs for CHEM 1 hold their office hours in PSBN 2653. See the course website for exact office hour times, and TA e-mail addresses. Students are also allowed to study in this room. CLAS: Organized tutor groups and drop-in sessions. The organized tutor groups meet twice weekly for 1 hour. For more information go to their website: . I would highly recommend signing up for a CLAS tutor group. I have heard lots of positive feedback from students about CLAS. DSP If you need disability-related accommodations in this class, have emergency medical information you wish to share with me, or need special arrangements in case the building must be evacuated, please inform me immediately. Please see me privately after class or in my office. If you need special disability-related accommodations also contact the DSP office ( ). Student Conduct I will not tolerate cheating in this class and I will report all cheating to the student-faculty conduct committee. Feel free to view UCSB standards of student conduct at .
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