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K361 - lab 2 - Jordan Becker K361 302 Lab 2 Attention for...

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Jordan Becker K361 – 302 Lab 2 Attention for Motor Performance – Psychological Refractory Period Introduction: The level of attention humans attribute to perform motor functions can drastically impair or aid success or precision. When exposed to a single stimulus a person responds quite predictably in 150-250ms. The human mind has quite an easy time processing the information for one stimulus (stimulus identification, response selection, and response programming). However, it is quite a different story when a subject is exposed to two stimuli very soon after one another. People studying the information processing model tend to find that although a subject can process multiple inputs through at some time in the model, a bottleneck occurs or resources run out and the subject is unable to initiate two responses. A double stimulus paradigm is widely used to study the response delay that occurs when two stimuli are presented close together that elicits two responses. This delay is known as the psychological refractory period or PRP (Magill, 2006). For the PRP paradigm, two closely spaced stimuli are exposed to the subject and the subject must respond accordingly with two separate responses (lab notes, 2008). The space of time between the stimuli is called the stimulus onset asynchrony (SOA) and during testing is varied between 50 and 500ms. If the SOA is longer than 500ms, that time period is considered long enough to perceive both stimuli separately and thus
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This lab report was uploaded on 03/27/2008 for the course ZOO 466 taught by Professor Masson during the Spring '08 term at Wisconsin.

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K361 - lab 2 - Jordan Becker K361 302 Lab 2 Attention for...

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