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Nicholas James Pocknall 826 Burleson Street Apt. B San Marcos, TX 78666 November 27 th , 2007 Representative Rick Hardcastle Capitol Building E2.706 Capitol Building Austin, TX 78768-2910 Dear Rick Hardcastle: I am writing you to give my support on the recently proposed bill, H.R. 197, on the extension of the Production Tax Credit. It is said that the PTC will expire on December 31 st , 2007 but was extended until December 31 st , 2008. This is the first time that an extension on the PTC for wind energy has been passed before the current credit expires. This new bill proposes that the Production Tax Credit be extended until December 31 st , 2013. In order to attain a sustainable fuel, we need this tax credit extended so that we can set the future for wind energy in the Texas and sustain a renewable energy source that will be dependable way past the point in which our non- renewable sources are gone. After doing my homework I have found that Texas is the best state to be involved with
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