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Soc330 Exam 1 notes - -WEDNESDAY JANUARY 16TH DAY 2-melanin...

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Sheet1 Page 1 ----WEDNESDAY JANUARY 16TH DAY 2---- melanin - pigmint in the skin that prevents skin disease vitamin d - comes from fish or sunlight, prevents brittle bones natural selction cultural selection - lighter skin children were favored in northern climates black-beautiful-healthy - along the equator, due to lots of vitamin d, safety from skin disease white-beautiful-healthy - in northern climates because white was healthy SLAVERY THRIVED BECAUSE desperation of starving settlers - 1619 - knew it was wrong but did it anyway due to pressure vulnerability of displaced africans - native americans knew the land - NA outnumbered whites - easily manipulated due to dista n profit motive - feudalism was in place in africa as well as slavery - 1/3 died on the trip but there was still enough money to mak e laws and punishments concerining escape - 5 whites/1 black punishments for black white cooperation - public apology disparity in the vocab - black market - white virgin what we need to do is to make poor negroes and poor whites realize they have something in common. - John F. Kennedy ----FRIDAY JANUARY 18TH DAY 3------ Race is not purely biological, it is social. .. For example, Halle Berry and Tiger Woods, it is based on what we see. Race is also somewhat political. .. People are divided into white and non-white YEAR 2000 was the first year to use "MULTIRACIAL" as an option on the U.S. census form HYPODESCENT is the practice of determining the lineage of a child of mixed race ancestry by assigning the child the race o f kids are dicks when it comes to scholarships Racial ideology is portrayed in the media - stereotypes of terrorist middle easterners, funny non serious black guys/thugs/dead Repetition until it becomes fact - e.g. black male college athletes at IOWA FOOTBALL. .. 5/110 however perpetuated as the w h All people of the same race are not the same, or gays, they have as much in common as COFFEE drinkers. -----WEDNESDAY JANUARY 23RD DAY 4----- -----FRIDAY JANUARY 25TH DAY 5----- Milton Gordon - Stages of Assimilation Anglo Conformity is A + B = A Cultural Pluralism is a A + B = A + B type of thing The melting pot is more of a A + B = C type Milton Gordon also had seven aspects of conformity 1. Changing cultural patterns 2. Becoming part of a primary group 3. Intermarriage 4. Incorporating core society as part of identity
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Soc330 Exam 1 notes - -WEDNESDAY JANUARY 16TH DAY 2-melanin...

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