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Bianca Carr Parris Owens A’lana Baldwin Sherrell Haney Madeline Darbyshire Group 5 MAT 2120 Project Exercise Suppose that circles of equal diameter are packed tightly in n rows inside an equilateral triangle. (See the figure below, where the case is shown.) Let be the picture showing the n rows of circles and let be the total area occupied by the n rows of circles. (a) Show (b) Now compute .. (c) Determine a general formula for . (d) What is (e) Explain the significance of the result in part (d). For instance, how much of the area of the triangle will the rows of circles eventually occupy, to the nearest percent, as
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(a) Show 𝑃 1 , 𝑃 2 , 𝑎?? 𝑃 3 , and then compute 𝐴 1 , 𝐴 2 , and 𝐴 3 . A2:
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