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Marcia Jordan A39400684 Com 100, section 004- Lindsay Informative Speech Hi, My name is Marcia Jordan, and I am a second year sophomore here at Michigan State, studying in the field of social Science-Criminal Justice here to inform you all of my hobbies, and how they shall effect my future. I will be covering my: Dreams, ambitions and goals; What activity, hobby, or goal am I excited about now? How do I see myself involved in this activity in 5 or 10 years?; What strengths and skills do I have that I could use to further my passions? What two or three majors seem like a “good fit” with these qualities? Hobbies can be as small as investments used to just pass time, or they can be the source to the path of which a person should embark upon to move toward the career best suited for them. The hobbies of which I involve myself with branches out to the careers of which I plan on pursuing in my future. The activities/goals that I am excited about now would definitely have to be: Debating But More Than Anything Literature I love literature in many aspects. I love reading & creating my own. I mostly enjoy reading realistic works, that I am easily able to relate my life and life’s experiences to, which is mostly granted through works, by black authors of novels, memoirs, and such. The first black novel that I read was Fly Girl by Omar Tyree, who’s setting took place in
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This note was uploaded on 03/27/2008 for the course COM 100 taught by Professor Donohue during the Spring '08 term at Michigan State University.

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COM_100-Informative Speech - Marcia Jordan A39400684 Com...

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