Final Paper-Hurricane Katrina and FEMA

Final Paper-Hurricane Katrina and FEMA - Allison Manning...

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Allison Manning English 250 December 10 th , 2007 Hurricane Katrina-Natural Disaster or Political Screw Up?? Hurricane Katrina was a terrible natural disaster that devastated many on the Gulf Coast. It is easy to say that the hurricane is to blame for everything that went wrong before, during, and after the storm but was it really all caused by a natural disaster? Hurricane Katrina is not about a natural disaster, it is about the failure of an organization, FEMA, and especially its director Michael Brown. New Orleans was not properly evacuated, the levees which were funded by the government were not sturdily built so they broke during the storm, and relief did not come quick enough for those who were trapped on the coast. Sure, it was entirely the hurricane’s fault but if you look deeper, a lot of the devastation that occurred could have been prevented by our government. The article “Hurricane Katrina, one year later” looks at New Orleans exactly one year after Hurricane Katrina hit. The article is separated into 3 different parts: the good, the bad, and the ugly. In the good section, the author talks about the opportunities that New Orleans has since the disaster. They can build new and better levees to protect the city from future disasters. They can “re-create and renew” their homes, making them
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Final Paper-Hurricane Katrina and FEMA - Allison Manning...

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