The Myth of Pandora

The Myth of Pandora - Since Prometheus was also a titan,...

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The Myth of Pandora The myth of Pandora’s Box began with Epimetheus. Epimetheus was a titan and his responsibility was to give a good trait to every creature created. Epimetheus had a brother named Prometheus whose responsibility was to create mankind. Once mankind was created Epimetheus could give it a good trait but Prometheus took a long time to create man. Since it took Prometheus so long, Epimetheus ran out of good traits to give out so his brother decided on a gift for mankind. Prometheus’ idea was to steal fire from Mount Olympus and give it to mankind. Zeus was very angry with him and punished him by chaining him up and sending an eagle every day to eat his liver.
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Unformatted text preview: Since Prometheus was also a titan, his liver grew back every day and he did not die. Zeus also punished mankind by creating a woman who was Pandora. She was made out of clay and given a bunch of gifts from all of the gods and goddesses. One of those gifts was curiosity given by Hera. Pandora was given as a gift to Epimetheus with a box as her dowry. Even though Epimetheus was warned by his brother of gifts from the gods, he married Pandora anyways. Epimetheus told Pandora not open it but she was too curious and all of the evils were let out into the world....
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