Should Sex Change Operations Be Banned

Should Sex Change Operations Be Banned - Jordan 1 Should...

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Jordan 1 Should Sex Change Operations Be Banned? What exactly is a sex change operation? The Oxford Online Reference guide defines sex change as “a change in a person's physical sexual characteristics, typically by surgery and hormone treatment”.(Soanes & Stevenson) Would it be fair to ban the operations that change the sex of individuals? I believe sex change operations should not be banned. In my opinion sex change operations are a source for people to live the life that they desire and in some cases the life of which they were unable to fully produce. It is understandable by me why Americans would be quick to feel that sex change operations should be banned. The first objection that one opposed to sex change operations may press is, it is immoral to change your sex. My response to this objection would be what if the person has been born with both sexes? What if the person is born with the bodily/physical features of a male/or female, but contains the hormonal traits of the opposite sex? Is it then immoral for a corrective/sex change operations to take place or at least be an option? In My opinion the answer is no. No it is not against morals for a person to have the option to change a present or complete an underdeveloped portion of themselves. If a person feels as of their outer appearance of themselves’ does not match who/or what they are within, I feel that it should be a given freedom to change their appearance. Based on the readings and studies conducted in the book Self-Made Men, many transsexuals felt an uncomfortable feeling about their physical form after their stage of physiological maturity. They felt to be recognized not only by others but also by themselves, a deep desire to return the connection between their inner being with their physical appearance.(Rubin 11) My thoughts regarding this matter is, it is not right to
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deprive people of an identity that in some cases is only reachable by changing your outer appearance. In my own opinion telling someone that they are not allowed to obtain a sexual identity of preference is immoral and discriminatory. I feel that this action would
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Should Sex Change Operations Be Banned - Jordan 1 Should...

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