chem test spring 06 - CHEMISTRY 103-1 L.F DAHL Name...

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CHEMISTRY 103-1 Name ______________________________________ L.F. DAHL February 22, 2006 TA_________________________Section_________ EXAM I INSTRUCTIONS 1. This exam consists of eight (8) different pages, an answer sheet, a periodic table, and a blank scratch sheet. If a page is missing, take the exam to a proctor immediately . 2. This exam is in two parts. Part I questions are to be answered on the answer sheet; also circle the correct answers on your exam. Part II questions are to be answered in this booklet. 3. PRINT your name NOW in the designated space on each page. 4. A periodic table is furnished for the exam. 5. Part I is worth 42 points. Part II is worth 61 points. For Part II, SHOW YOUR WORK ON THE PROBLEMS. 6. This exam should be completed in 80 minutes. However, you have 120 minutes to finish it. Budget your time for each question and first answer questions which you know how to work. After you finish the entire exam, it is a good policy to review your work. I / 42 IIA / 12 IIB / 18 IIC /16 IID /15 TOTAL /103
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-2- PART I Multiple Choice (42 pts.) Choose one correct answer for each of the following 14 questions. 1. An example of an aqueous solvent that only weakly conducts electricity (i.e., gives a dim light in the conductivity apparatus) A. NH 4 Cl (aq) B. Alcohol (aq) C. Ba(OH) 2 (aq) D. HClO 4 (aq) E. none of the above 2. A bottle contains x carbon atoms that weigh 3.00 g. Determine the mass containing an equal number of nickel atoms in another bottle. A. 26.3 g B. 0.62 g C. 11.8 g D. 14.7 g E. none of the above 3. A 27.0 g sample of an unknown C x H y compound was burned in excess gas to form 88.0 g of CO 2 (g) and 27.0 g of H 2 O (g). What is a possible molecular formula of this hydrocarbon compound? A. C 2 H 6 B. C 4 H 6 C. C 4 H 10 D. C 4 H 8 E. none of the above 4. How many grams of Cd 3 P 2 can be made from 375g of Cd and 61.7g of P? A.
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chem test spring 06 - CHEMISTRY 103-1 L.F DAHL Name...

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