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MIS 330 xc - It also had clothing items like the Gravity...

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MIS 330 www.snorgtees.com This was a website that sold funny t-shirts from pop culture such as TV shows, movies, and music. I really liked it because I found a few shirts from my favorite show, The Office. I’m planning on getting it for my brother for Christmas. It was very easy to order from and a very basic site. www.cleverwasteoftime.com This is a free game site where you are given the option of wasting your time by reading riddles, playing games, shopping, or several other activities. I caught myself doing exactly that—I spent nearly an hour on this site and sites that it directed me to and I never got bored. It is totally non-profit and a lot of fun. www.gadgetuniverse.com This one was probably my favorite. It was a technology site directed at men. It contained all kinds of toys for the not so grown up guy.
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Unformatted text preview: It also had clothing items like the Gravity Defyer—a shoe that alleviated discomfort and even added a little height. The tech gear was by far the coolest, though. This one was a little bit pricy, though. www.funnyordie.com This is a really funny site, similar to youtube where just about anybody with a camera and a computer can become a director. On this one, videos can by voted off the site by receiving more “die” votes rather than “funny” votes. I spent a lot of time on this site as well. www.baseballfacts.com This site is just what it sounds like, a page totally dedicated to all things that are baseball. Baseball is my favorite sport so I can really see myself using this page in the future. It was also interactive with quizzes and trivia about the sport as well....
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MIS 330 xc - It also had clothing items like the Gravity...

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