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A Simple Model 2013 A Simple Model, LLC. All rights reserved. Integrating Financial Statements NOTES TO   ACCOMPANY   VIDEOS These notes are intended to supplement the videos on ASimpleModel.com. They are not to be used as stand alone study aids, and are not written as comprehensive overviews of the topic detailed. The purpose of these notes is to provide a tangible collection of the visuals used in the videos with comments highlighting the more important aspects covered.
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A Simple Model 002 Overview of the Process Integrating Financial Statements The objective of the first video in this series is to explain and briefly walk through the process of building a fully integrated financial statement model. Initially a brief outline is provided detailing the sequence in which this model will be built: Overview of Building an Integrated Financial Statement Model 1. Input Historical Data 2. Project Financial Statements I. Income Statement II. Balance Sheet III. Cash Flow Statement 3. Build the Supporting Schedules I. Debt Schedule II. PP&E Schedule Keeping this sequence in mind as you build the model provides a good reference for progress made.
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