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Smith Sam Smith Professor Otto English 1301 6-3-2007 Morality of Interspecies Transplants Suppose that your own child was suffering from a disease called dilated cardiomyopathy which gradually but continuously deteriorates the strength of one’s heart over a period of several months. This disease is nearly always fatal unless the patient acquires a new, stronger heart. Your doctor informs you that your child is eligible for a transplant but there are no available replacement hearts, which is fairly typical considering that while 44,000 Americans hoped for an organ transplant in 2006, only 18,270 transplants were performed (Williams 1). Although any trace of hope for your child’s life may seem shattered, there are alternate means to combating such a cruel disease. A technique known as Xenotransplanting, or transplanting organs from animals to humans, has been under development for many years. While it may not be as entirely safe as a normal transplant, this obscure procedure may be your child’s only chance of survival. Based on its genetic similarities to humans, the baboon is the animal of choice for this procedure. Being in the desperate circumstances that you are, you have but one issue to consider--the ethical and moral aspect of the situation. While there are many advocates both for and against Xenotransplants, you must realize that when the life of a loved one hangs in the balance, the well being of some mindless baboon becomes rather irrelevant and the most ethical decision you can make is to save your child. Therefore, interspecies transplants are clearly ethical, even if the life of the animal is lost, so long as 1
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P1 - Smith 1 Sam Smith Professor Otto English 1301 6-3-2007...

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