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Yash Jhala Inter Ag 155 December 20, 2007 Keirsey Inventory The Keirsey Inventory helped me learn a lot of things about myself. The survey is designed to ask specific questions about the individuals personality traits and behavior. After taking the survey, I realized that a lot of traits that I thought I had, either changed or evolved. For example, the survey suggested that I am a very organized and planned person although I believe I am quite spontaneous. The most important lesson from taking
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Unformatted text preview: this survey is not learning things about yourself, but realizing that what you may think are your strengths may be seen by others as weaknesses. For example, if I am a person who prides myself on a vivid imagination, others may take it as me being overly ambitious or unrealistic. Overall, this survey made me understand some of my own personality and understanding that I need to accept others for who they are, since their weaknesses in my eyes could be strengths in theirs....
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