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Tatyana Natal English May 30, 2018 Cry, the Beloved Country Cry, the Beloved Countryis a 312-paged novel published originally in 1948, and more recently in 2003. The novel is a paperback tale of political injustice, moral wrongs, and the good that can be wrought from things that bring sorrow. It shows the reader that there is much wisdom to be acquired in the slaughter fest of life. Showing the reader through the eyes of a priest and father, Alan Paton means for him/her to appreciate the struggle of the blacks in their own country and the hatred that nearly became mutual. Set in South Africa, mainly in Johannesburg and Ndotsheni, the novel tells the spiritual and physical journey of a father as he searches for his son and other family members in the devouring city of Johannesburg that corrupts its citizens. After the son, Absalom, becomes a convicted murderer and father himself, his son’s grandfather must learn how to grieve such a
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