Opera Lecture stravinsky

Opera Lecture stravinsky - -made shock waves-maintains...

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Opera Lecture 12/5/07 Anthony Davis – x -chorus of prisoners: now opera doesn’t have to be realistic -19 th century notion that music is the language of the emotions (music=emotions) -Wagner believed that music takes over after language fails -In his operas the characters stand around and talk about how they feel – the words are not as profound as the music he composed -romantic tradition (go against it) -Need to deny that music=emotion -music can be a language if you don’t look at it closely -Can never claim that music was successful as language – cannot convey the same feeling to everyone -18 th century had very generic titles, 19 th century had boastful titles -Igor Stravinsky goes away from Wagner -re invents classicism (neo classicism) -starts with big noisy ballets, after WWI everything changes. Not about emotions, takes music from Pergolesi names it PULCHINELLA (straight from comedia del arte) -re inserts everything Wagner left out -provided antidote to Wagner
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Unformatted text preview: -made shock waves-maintains music cannot convey emotions-uses old generic titles-everything is very precise-Dumbarton oaks concerto-estate by DC-commissioned to make concerto-dry not a lot of emotion-modern and old fashioned at the same time (unlike Behr, mood is cool)-Brandenburg: Bach -similar to Stravinsky form stripped of emotional content-The Rakes Progress (Stravinsky) • Bases opera on series of painting by William Hogarth (1773) • Painting were turned into engravings • Painting are allegorical • Decent into poverty - not progress ironic • Rich to poor to crazy (take care of your money) • Uses a number of allegorical names in opera – tom rakewell (lead), anne truelove (girl he leaves after getting money), nick shadow (actually the devil, servant) • Will Aden: modern brit poet - helped S. work against emotion • Money changes you • In the end loses his sanity and dignity • The painting serve as a great synopsis of the opera...
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Opera Lecture stravinsky - -made shock waves-maintains...

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