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Biofuels: Humans have constantly strived to improve their lifestyles. Everything humans do has a purpose, and almost all the time that purpose includes what is best for the individual. Even though self growth and individual progress are essential, there is a time when we as a race need to look back at our accomplishments, and realize that some of our “accomplishments” have caused many shortcomings. Not only are we experiencing these shortcomings today, but they will grow exponentially in the future and hurt upcoming generations. This leads to only one conclusion: we need to create an alternative source of fuel to keep the planet running efficiently. As of now, the only solution proposed by researchers is ethanol fuel. Although it is an alternate to burning fossil fuels, it will prove very
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Unformatted text preview: inefficient for the future. Making ethanol takes a lot of energy and fuel itself. This may be a short-term solution, but it will not help future generations take care of the problem. Therefore, one huge step the government can take is to put in a lot of money for research of an alternative fuel. Instead of spending money towards subsidies and some personal causes, the government needs to realize that the economy of our nation depends on food and fuel, and without their intervention, we will soon run out of both. Using ethanol is not only unethical, since we are using up a lot of crop that farmers can make money from, it is also impractical. The sooner we realize this problem, the more time we will have to fix it....
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