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Biotechnology and World Hunger-inter ag

Biotechnology and World Hunger-inter ag - cause unknown...

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Biotechnology and World Hunger With the rising human population, land area for cultivation of food is growing smaller. The problem with this is there will soon be a lack of food for people around the world. A very simple solution to this is genetically modified foods. These foods are very beneficial in providing the right nutrients that are essential for survival. The genetically modified cotton is extremely beneficial since it is a large crop that is now ready to eat. The genetically modified potato can develop many other things, and instead of eating it, we can use it in other ways. The public fears a contamination of these plants and that it may
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Unformatted text preview: cause unknown side-effects, but with the right research we can fix the kinks in this process. Using education, we need to change the public mindset about these foods and show them how they can be very beneficial. When we can feed a hungry nation, it is in their best interest to accept such genetically modified crops. There is more research devoted to genetically modified foods and finding new and safer ways to make new foods. We need to allow science to exploit its own potential in solving world’s problems....
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