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geog paper - Yash Jhala Knox/Liesch 311 Reaction Paper...

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Yash Jhala Knox/Liesch 311 October 30, 2007 Reaction Paper After watching the movie “An Inconvenient Truth”, I learned many facts that I did not pay much attention to before. The movie was mainly a series of facts presented by Al Gore regarding the effects humans are having on global warming. The movie begins with a generalization about the pristine status of nature before human involvement. A lot of the first half of the movie seems romanticized to set up a contrast for the second half of the movie. Al Gore shows some pictures and videos of ‘the good old days’, when everything nature was untouched and children could run around in the fields without running into a giant tractor or crop duster. Even though they were a bit overplayed, there are some undeniable facts in the movie. The CO 2 levels have certainly increased exponentially over the last hundred years or so, and the temperature of the Earth has also increased. The film would have been more educational if the data was presented in a more clear fashion. The CO
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