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soc134_quiz - Sociology 134 Recitation Section 15 February...

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Unformatted text preview: Sociology 134: Recitation Section 15 February 2008 Quiz #2: Groups and Organizations NAME(S): SECTION: l2 Directions: Do your best to complete the following five questions by yourself. *The use of notes, your textbook, and working with others is NOT allowed"= K “Bureaucracy” as defined by Weber, is apart of many formal organizations which are concerned with maximum efiiciency. He formulated five basic characteristics ofa bureaucracy. 0f the three following options, circle which one is NOT true of bureaucracy: @quitable distribution of authority @ impersonality c) division of labor 2) Which of the following is NOT an example of a “coalition? " a) a labor union of carpenters in Ames on strike b) U.S., British, Polish and Australian military forces in Iraq 0 a 5 member study group for Sociology 134 6' 32 shoppers at Hy—Vee searching for their own items 3) Circle either YES or NO for the following question: You spend many hours with your siblings and parents. All of you cooperate with each other and express emotions and needs through face-to—face contact. Is your family a good example of a “secondary group? ” w 4) Sociologists have defined difierent sizes among small groups, which are usually considered simple enough for all members to interact simultaneously. A small group consisting of two people such as you and your best friend is called what? a) triad b) collectivity c) coalition @ dyad 3§ Fill in the blank: i grow i” h Wig“ ‘ Uncritical acceptance of or conformity to the prevailing viewpoint is called Group members experience collective pressure to conform to the predominant line of thought. This social pressure effectively discourages the open expression of dissent. ...
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