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bio_quiz057 - Biol 211 Section2 points September 7 2007 l...

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Unformatted text preview: Biol 211 Section2 Quiz 18 25 points September 7, 2007 l. Matching. Please indicate the letter of the word matching each definition. (1 point each) 1. Q. the ability to keep physiologic conditions A. Oparin-Haldane (such as body temp or pH) constant B.mobligateanaembe 2. D experiment demonstrating that amino acids 8' mugifizembe can be synthesized abiotically E“ y. 3. 0 a cell that lacks a nucleus F. heterotroph (L xt/ an RNA molecule with enzyme activity 6' facultatIve anaerobe , H. eukaryotic 5. organism that gets its energy from chemicals lr—ehemetreph 6. fl" fossilized mats of bacteria and sediment it” carbon-14:88 /?.’)vl f‘ color of Gram positive bacteria We 8. ”i" bacterial cell walls are made up of this M' purple- compound NW? 9/ - - e ' p a ‘5 WC . P L. a small, mobile form of Circular DNA p_ plasmid commonly found in prokaryotic cells Q. plasma membrane 10. b a bacterial cell that is poisoned by oxygen i- P k' S. phototroph Emptideglycan ll. Fill in the blank. Please PICK 5 questions to answer. USE COMPLETE SENETENCES where indicated. (2 points each) 1) Where did eukaryotic mitochondria and chloroplasts come from? 2) How are the different eras and eons separated from one another in the geologic record? ~ ’ Wuéb.) gt. 4”,; 339a Mi) ‘0‘: ”l; i‘itfl‘féfr‘» ,' L. ~§~ inn pail-1t fl t” (2‘3)ng ‘ j “i rt Y)? 350% I gtfii ('3; 3.‘ '4'“); L4... '3“) PM ‘r'f/xLfldrHOSCIUl 5 N'fl4— 1214”": “Li 3) What are the three domains of life? (mufi extrinohohs) 4) Spiral shaped bacterial cells are called. . . «tutu are, fittest fltfk’mifififuigLQS fit The smallest unitoflife isa m. Mistake; can ”i 6) Most scientists currently think that :1 A) A was the first hereditary material. ...
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