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bio_crossword059 - Review Crossword Chapters 1 6 26 27 Due...

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Unformatted text preview: Review Crossword Chapters 1, 6, 26, 27 Due September 10'“, 2007 ‘ Name: ' My anaemnuamu Hammuum n 10n me! n m h E MEN-HE H E a , . 5 .. MEIIEEHEEEEI EEEHEEN flfififlflfifi W 5 a 5 Ease (00 w\ EEIHEEEHH n I E H @- Ln 5 E H 5 $55 E E E \t ”IEEISEIIEEEH #flflflflflflflllaflfi ACROSS lipopolysaccharide DOWN stimulus or LPS. . ,7 without oxygen ,2 pre-cellthatmay 11 atraitsharedbyall [1‘ Oneofthe 8 compoundthat haw a form of living organisms scientists that makes up bacterial simple reproduction 15' ,withour live demonstrated the cell walls and simple 16" RNA molecule with abiotic synihesis of 9 fossilized mat or metabolism, but no I enzymatic activity arn‘no acids from bacteria and heredtary material. 18 environmentally methane and sediment. 4 element that is rare resistant form of a ammonia. I 12 origin of on eath but bacterial cell. { pmkaryoies all lack mitochondria and comnnn in new 19 spiral shaped a _. chloroplasts meteorites. found in bacteria may be ._ 5 polysaccharide 13 one ofthe 2 the layer of called _ coating around prokaryotic sediment 30 etkatyotic digestive bacteria that domains Separating organelle where enables the 14 energy processing , Mesozoic and proteins and wom bacteria to stick to by living organism Cenozoic eras out organelles are - su'faces and to .is called _. 10 Gram stain broken dovm evade the immune 17‘ Color of Gram- characteristic of system posithe bacteria bacteria that f“ the ability to react contain to emironmental ...
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