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finalstudyguide - FINAL EXAM STUDY GUIDE STAT 226 Below is...

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FINAL EXAM STUDY GUIDE – STAT 226 Below is a study guide for material covered on Exam 1 and Exam 2, followed by the new material after Exam 2. Formulas available to you on the Final are given on the corresponding Formula sheet. Practice problems are listed at the end of each “part” (see below) and will certainly help you preparing for the Final. Exam 1 Study Guide 1. Displaying Distributions with Graphs, Section 1.1 in the textbook (a) Categorical Data i. Bar Graphs ii. Pie Charts iii. Pareto Charts (b) Quantitative Data i. Histogram ii. Stem-plots iii. Time-plots (c) Describing Distributions i. Center ii. Spread iii. Shape iv. Outliers 2. Describing Distributions with Numbers, Section 1.2 in the textbook (a) Measures of Center i. Mean ¯ x = 1 n x i ii. Median = Q 2 x , 50 th percentile), know how to find the median, when the sample size n is odd/even iii. Comparing the mean and the median, when to use mean/median (b) Measures of Spread i. Range: max - min ii. IQR: Q 3 - Q 1 iii. 5-number summary: min , Q 1 , Q 2 , Q 3 , max, iv. boxplots v. Variance: s 2 = 1 n - 1 ( x i - ¯ x ) 2 vi. Standard Deviation: s = s 2 (c) Interpretation the above descriptive measures (d) Choosing appropriate measures of center and spread depending on the shape of the distribution 1
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3. The Normal Distribution, X N ( μ, σ ) Section 1.3 in the textbook (a) Density curves (b) Relation median and mean of various density curves (c) Normal distribution, mean= μ , standard deviation= σ (d) 68-95-99.7 rule (aka Empirical Rule) i. Computing probabilities (finding areas under the normal curve) via 68-95-99.7 rule ii. Using 68-95-99.7 rule to find a value of x if given a probability (area under the normal curve) (e) Standard Normal distribution, Z N (0 , 1) i. Normal (distribution) calculations ii. z -scores: z = x - μ σ iii. Finding a z -score for a given probability (i.e. area under the normal curve) iv. Back transformation:
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