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Introduction to Operations Research

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Math 353: Linear Optimization Spring 2003 Finding Your Instructor Roger Johnson ("Roger" or "Mr. Johnson" is fine), McLaury 314B email: [email protected], web: (this page available via the link "Course Syllabi"), 355-3450 (my office) Office Hours MWF 11-12 Th 10-11, 2-4 Class meetings are MWF in McLaury 306 3:00-3:50, January 10 through May 2 with holidays January 20, February 17, April 18,21. The last day to drop for 100% refund is Sunday, January 19; last day to drop with a 'W' is March 28. Prerequisites Math 321, or Math 315, or permission of instructor. Course Description (From the catalog) "Convex sets and functions, linear inequalities and combinatorial problems; topics in linear programming from fundamental theorems of simplex method through sensitivity analysis, duality, transportation, and assignment problems." In layperson's terms, we'll want to optimize some linear function (e.g. maximize profit) subject to resource constraints. (Tentative text sections include, but are not limited to, selected portions of Chapters 3,4,5,6,7,8 of the Hillier and Lieberman text.) Text Book & Course Materials
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Required : Introduction to Operations Research , 7th edition, by Hillier and Lieberman Time Commitment According to the South Dakota School of Mines and Technology 2002-2003 Undergradute & Graduate Catalog , (p. 48) the average student enrolled in Math 353 will need 6 hours of studying time for this class per week (note, for example, that this is 1 hour a day with one day "off"). Grading Grades will be determined using the following weights: Homework - 15%, 3 Exams (Feb 12, Mar 19, Apr 16) - 20% each Final Exam (Monday, May 5, 12:00-1:50) - 25% For each one of these exams you may bring a single sheet 8.5" by 11" (both sides!) of notes and a calculator. No other materials may be brought in (e.g. exams are closed book). In borderline grading situations attendance, and class participation may be used to come to a decision. Final examinations may not be given early, because of policy adopted by the Mathematics and Computer Science Department . Post-Hoc Syllabus (a look back at what we did, this section to be updated during the term) Jan 10: Administrative matters. An introduction to linear programming with a two- variable optimization problem (handout). Reading: 3.1 (omit material on "OR Courseware").
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