History Notes Road to WWII

History Notes Road to WWII - -Commands Germany to...

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Road to War - War w/o Mercy New Deal was essentially a failure Global economic depression Reformists reaction was much less radical in US War is good for economy Majority Americans believed that US should never have gotten involved in WWI Neutrality Act – bars Americans from selling war material (with own ships) - Bans trade with fighting nations Germany Italy Japan John Keegan – modern war historian - WWI and WWII are part A and part B of the same issue - WWI was never resolved Mein Kampf – Hitler’s memoir “My Battle” - Motivated by rage for the surrender of German govt in WWI - Humiliated by Treaty of Versailles - By 1920, he had organized the Nazi party - Gang of intimidators - Dedicated to restoring the glory of Germany - Win 6.5 million votes = 2 nd largest party (2 nd most seats in legis.) - Gain support and become largest party - Hitler is the head (prime minister/leader of executive branch) - Hitler is given power over legislative branch - Hitler makes all other political parties illegal - In 1935, renounced the Treaty of Versailles
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Unformatted text preview: -Commands Germany to re-arm-Fascists v Communists – Promotes people, super patriotic o Communists – anti-patriotic, class separated, spread of wealth-AXIS powers – Italy Germany Japan Italians feel slighted in the aftermath of WWI Mussolini – Fascist Japan-On winning side of WWI-Economy is not shattered-Do not lose generation of young men-Get very little of the gains out of Treaty of Versailles-Don’t get a seat at the table due to racism -First and only industrialized independent nation-Should be leaders of a new Great East Asian Co-prosperity Sphere-Rape, behead, murder and torture Chinese o Kill up to 200,000 Rape of _______ Munich, Germany – British and French met to defend Czech but agree to Hitler’s demands to avoid war-Appeasement o Lessons of Munich – Appeasement encourages dictators-Munich 1938 – Not trying to confront Hitler, know that they are not going to stop Hitler (Nevel Chamberlain)-...
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History Notes Road to WWII - -Commands Germany to...

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