History notes 2nd New Deal

History notes 2nd New Deal - Addressed a profound economic...

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2 nd New Deal and Road to War Depression persisted after first New Deal WPA (Works Progress Administration) hired American workers to build infrastructures Employed 7% of American workforce (1936) 8.5 million employed Roads, bridges, buildings $11 billion Pay - wages discriminatory Prevailing wage – areas in which you worked -NY up to $52 per month REA (Rural Electrification Administration) Only 20% of rural America had electricity 90% after REA Social Security (LONGEST LASTING/MOST IMPORTANT)
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Unformatted text preview: Addressed a profound economic problem and profound inequality Give dignity to elderly Get old workers out of their jobs Creates pension - % of salary ($10-$80/mth) 26 million Americans retire to receive SS Payroll taxes Employer taxes Initiated with a govt loan payed off over 40s Not Dole Social Security is not welfare- it is an entitlement Corporations start own pension plans...
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