Anth Final Review

Anth Final Review - Anth Final Review Upright posture left...

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Unformatted text preview: Anth Final Review Upright posture, left and right among Nuer-upright posture: a kind of cipher (code) for the idea of standing against our own ground--standing on our own two feet we are upright, giving us a certain distance from the ground...this distance is the vacuum being represented; it is an openness that we fill with what is our sense of good/bad-we are not instinctually directed--this “filling” is the creating of your self, reconstructing of values--selfhood is best conceived of as a becoming, always becoming something else...otherwise it really ceases to exist--it’s not the “fill” or content that determines/defines a human being, it is the act/process of filling itself, being able to question your own ends (that defines a human)-first element of the content of the fill is a dynamic ongoing process of self-constructing-(what Nietzsche was arguing all along)-human being is really a matter of creativity (creating ones own values, etc.)-upright posture allows human beings to enjoy the power of creativity; product of human creation=second nature as opposed to first nature (ground we stand on)-*emphasis is that humans, by having this bodily structure, can enjoy this power of creativity-not to say that physical structure of humans determines human mind (enables creativity), but physical structure of humans offers a kind of sight for human mind-NONDUALISTIC relationship between body and mind (not cause/effect relationship)-selfhood is imminent in upright posture when it comes to being a human being-upright posture does NOT cause the self-upright posture is a kind of cycle of selfhood: that we can read an upright posture; read the possibility of selfhood- is a caress a sign of affection or the affection itself? (with human beings it is both; same thing with upright posture-the sign of ability to construct ourselves but our selves are already there imminently)-the link between upright posture and upright person is not between body and spirit, body and mind-your sense of self is given with your bodily posture; it’s your attitude...a kind of engagement in the world-we mediate reality (construct it)-what is that mediation if not agency or will? it is selfhood-if you are constructing how you want to see something or what you want to make of it, with your language, you , in effect, have also at the same time constructed your sense of self-if behavior is no longer guided by instinct, but is up to our self, then it amounts to making choices-in an instinctual conduct, the good is often determined by our basic creatural need ( it is automatic) Descartes understood this-bodies are machines-but when the good is a matter of mediation, what we are talking about is choice/decision (not mechanic/ is self determined) *does this ^ stuff relate to upright posture? not sure but it is in my notes from that day......
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Anth Final Review - Anth Final Review Upright posture left...

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