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6) ---See Buckley p. 194 Intro: Slogan taken from U.S. Air Force . appeared in US during the nuclear arms race between the United States and the Soviet Union. The slogan specifically refers to the nuclear targeting of first strike and second strike capability nations. - “Weapons that kill weapons” refers to counter force targeting by nations with first strike capability. Counter force targeting is when a nation bombs an enemy’s bombs, planes, submarines, and vehicles to employ nuclear warfare. First strike capability nations are nuclear aggressors that intend to strike an enemy nation by counter-force targeting with nuclear weapons ----these nations follow the NUT (Nuclear Utilization Theory). Nations with first strike capability believe they can disarm their enemy with counter force targeting to such an extent that the enemy’s retaliation will be acceptable. -“Weapons that kill people” refer to counter value targeting by second strike capability nations. Counter value targeting is targeting an enemy’s cities, industries, and
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