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I. Introduction a. Contemporary Parallels i. Whether or not we should have gone to war (today, Henry V) b. Overview of lecture on Henry V i. Central question: Is Henry V celebrated or condemned? c. Connections to performance d. Overview of my position (teacher): politically effective but morally corrupt; a Machiavel II. Background to play a. Date/war in Ireland b. Previous plays about Henry TERMS Machiavel - A stage character based loosely on the writings of Machiavelli. He is associated with manipulation. Machiavelli – An Italian writer, political leader, political theorist. Onomatopoeia - Words that sound like what they are about. Buzz, hiss, etc. Copulatio
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Unformatted text preview: Repeating words with another word in between. Epizeuxis Repetition of words without words in between Shakespeare is implying that Henry V is a Machiavel. 1. Remaining open, not arriving at a decision too soon, realizing there may be exceptions. 2. Gathering evidence a. What Shakespeare does in his other plays b. Close reading of a given speech c. Cultural attitudes and practices 3. Testing evidence a. Could a word be read in a different way? (e.g. swelling) b. What would someone who disagrees with me say? How could I answer that? How should I revise my argument if I cant answer?...
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