The Passion of the Christ

The Passion of the Christ - sandals which was the proper...

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The Passion of the Christ Cody Bernhard Art The film I viewed was The Passion of the Christ. I found it to be a very moving and powerful film. I really liked how it conveyed the last days of Christ death with extreme accuracy. Also, the film added a visual element to the actual pain that Christ had to endure including how he was tempted by the devil in the garden and how he refused him even though he knew what was to become of him. It also did a great job showing how long and agonizing of a walk to the hill it really was. Even though I had gone to church and heard about the crucifixion of Christ I had no idea of how gruesome and terrible it actually was. This film gives me a new found respect for what Christ actually did for his people, all the suffering and pain he endured. I thought the film did an excellent job with costumes and props. Everyone in the film was wearing wool robes and
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Unformatted text preview: sandals which was the proper attire for that time period. Also, they used buildings that appeared as if the Romans had actually built them. I found this film to be an amazing showing of the last days of Christ and I feel that it was very accurate and informational. I have never seen a movie that could make an entire theater of people completely silent, bringing a majority of them to tears. After the film came to an end I couldnt even eat because, I felt so bad. This film makes you look at how you live your life, the petty things that we think we need, and the things that we take for granted. The only thing that I would change about the whole movie would be to put it into English, but at the same time having it in Aramaic makes the film more realistic to the time that it was set in....
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