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Ch 12 review questions

Ch 12 review questions - Review Questions Chapter 12...

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Review Questions Chapter 12 Personality (1) What approach to personality argues that much of our behavior is determined by unconscious, conflicting wishes and fears? (2) What is hysteria? What was Freud's explanation of hysteria? How did Freud cure hysteria? (3) Describe the three structural aspects of our personality that are often in conflict with one another about how to act in a particular situation. (4) What are some of the indirect ways that we express our unacceptable sexual and aggressive urges? (5) Describe libido, erogenous zone, and fixation. (6) Name Freud's first three psychosexual stages, the critical conflict between the child's urges and society's sanctions at each of those stages, and the aspect of personality that is determined by the manner in which that conflict is resolved. (7) What is the Oedipal complex? (8) Name and describe the defense mechanisms listed in your book. What is the purpose of these mechanisms?
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