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96:130 EXAM I: SUGGESTIONS FOR REVIEW Approximate number of questions per chapter: Chapter 1: 3 Chapter 2: 12 Chapter 3: 20 Chapter 4: 15 Major areas covered: Developmental theories Research Genetics/fetal development Statistics regarding infant mortality rate/prenatal care Childbirth 1. Be familiar with influences on development 2. Classical conditioning/operant conditioning: understand the differences 3. What are the differences and similarities between Freud and Erikson? 4. Know what shapes behavior according to the behaviorism and social-learning theories. 5. What are the differences and similarities between organismic vs. mechanistic theorists? 6. Be comfortable with Piaget’s theory of development: pros and cons. 7. Understand the basic research designs: Case studies, cohort studies, ethnographic studies, correlational studies, experimental studies. 8. Understand the differences in the groups and variables that are in research studies. 9.
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