chaucer notes - Hospitality Authority Money Holy writ Papal...

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Merchant – franklin Language of January and may Food, nature-season Issuance of remembering…refers back to issue of time in merchant Public v private Wax v stone Play v trouthe Nature can be molded in the image of man Janus-reference to merchant’s January character-double beard implies merchant Tension between art and nature Apollo-god of sun and poetry Why all the emphasis on nature? New and old money tensions…aristocracy v. those who acquire wealth through service To what extent does Chaucer sympathize with aristocracy Is pardoner homosexual, effeminate, or eunuch…? Sexual ambiguity Deviant (physical) Lot Sexuality (Sodom and neely; youtube)
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Unformatted text preview: Hospitality Authority Money Holy writ Papal bowls (balls?/written church doc) Why is he called upon to tell a moral tale? His morality v. the groups morality v. church morality Justifying receiving indulgences from him? Attacks friarsin intro Why? Lot-inspired pun Whole tale telling contest Draw straws Host-angry 654-pleye 827-pleye 3 rioters=3 estates Decameron Tale telling-in face of death? Prioress Why jew in privy Further condemnation Over the top-pushing limits-like her tale Christ figure-child-christ figure *548 song explanation needed for child Does prioress know what she is speaking...
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chaucer notes - Hospitality Authority Money Holy writ Papal...

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