Eng 167 midterm study - Pride and Prejudice Clues Ironic...

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Pride and Prejudice Clues Ironic Romantic Formal Entailed heir system Close Reading Reference Points Irony reveals foolishness Hypocrisy of marriage Character speech patterns: Mr. Bennet-Sarcastic Elizabeth-forthright Mr. Collins-tedious Lydia-lack substance Psychological realism Embarrassment of relatives Unsteady feeling when falling in love Guilty feeling when makes mistakes Austin’s “razor sharp wit” Narrator’s comments about people in Hertfordshire can be viewed as Austin’s perspective on society as a whole Characters Caroline Bingley Jealous of Elizabeth Befriends and later snubs Jane Lydia Bennet Marries Wickham Youngest daughter, favored by mother Mrs. Bennet Her happiness is only lessened by her irritation with Darcy Elizabeth Intelligent, quick witted Studies peoples characters Doesn’t hesitate to make judgments Darcy Wealthy, proud Falls for Lizzy and reveals his generous spirit Mr. Bennet Ironic, apathetic Jane Gentle, Kind-hearted Shy about revealing true feelings Sees the good in people Mary Bennet Pretentious reader Not witty Catherine Bennet Follows Lydia Charles Bingley Good natured, wealthy Easily influenced by others Mr./Mrs. Hurst Bingley’s snobbish sister/bro in law She spends most time chatting with Caroline George Wickham Handsome, personable fortune hunter Lizzy falls for him, Lydia runs off with him Lady Catherine Arrogant aunt of Darcy
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Dominates Mr. Collins Wants her daughter to marry Darcy Miss De Bourgh Lady Catherine’s sickly, bland daughter Colonel Fitzwilliam Darcy’s well mannered cousin Interested in Lizzy but need to marry for money Georgiana Darcy Darcy’s shy but likeable sister Mr. Collins Mr. Bennet’s cousin who is set to inherit longbourn Seeks a wife, marries Charlotte Lucas Charlotte Lucas Sensible, intelligent Marries Collins for security Sir/Lady Lucas Charlotte’s parents, Bennet’s neighbors Mr./Mrs. Gardiner Mrs. Bennet’s intelligent, cultivated brother/sister in law Mr./Mrs. Phillips A country attorney and his wife, Mrs. Bennet’s sister Great Expectations Clues Class references Imagery Location description Inanimate objects used for emotion Repetition Mature analysis of life Descriptions in great detail Close Reading Reference Points The use of repetition because the story was published in weekly installments…used to jog reader memories Social issues Satirization of the work system in Victorian England Pip carries many secrets with him and has an increasing sense of guilt Characters Pip Narrator of the story Deserts his friends for a chance at wealth and love
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Eng 167 midterm study - Pride and Prejudice Clues Ironic...

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