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Both Ficino and Michelangelo completed extensive works and studies on love and beauty. They completed these in different forms but came to similar conclusions. Both of these men believed that beauty on earth was a direct connection to god who created all that was beautiful and good in the world. Ficino believed that beauty was the end product of love and in turn a path to the divine because god is the source of all love. Ficino described the universe as having god at the center surrounded by beauty which directly leads people back to the creator.
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Unformatted text preview: For Ficino love was a means of attaining beauty and thus becoming close to the divine. Michelangelo on the other hand also believes that god is the creator of beauty and that connecting oneself with beauty connects oneself with god. Michelangelo chooses to connect with beauty through art. He states that an artist is imitating god by trying to recreate the beauty that god implanted in the world. Michelangelo believed that through art a person achieved closeness to god....
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