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unit 5 essay question - qualities compassion good faith...

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According to Machiavelli politics is associated with morality on a superficial level. Machiavelli stresses that in a perfect world a prince should be perfectly moral but since the world and the people in it are not perfect, neither should be the prince or ruler. Machiavelli states this in the section of the prince on honoring one's word, XVIII. In this section Machiavelli also states that it is praiseworthy for a prince to honor his word but not practical, Machiavelli says that it is in a ruler’s best interest to give his word lightly. Machiavelli says that princes should appear to be honorable people by portraying five
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Unformatted text preview: qualities: compassion, good faith, integrity, kindness and most importantly religion. In keeping good appearances Machiavelli stated that opinions of princes are formed by the people in his court, and a ruler should choose his advisor wisely. Machiavelli made it clear, in section XXII that it is important for a ruler’s advisors to have strong senses of morality but not necessary for the ruler himself to be that way. Machiavelli believed that a prince should appear moral on the surface but if sticking to these morals put the ruler at a disadvantage then there should be no hesitation to abandon those morals....
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