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Why did the views of Machiavelli stray so far from those of his contemporaries, why were his views distorted in some way and what led to this drastic change in him? XVII Compassion v. cruelty- which is better in a prince Machiavelli believes that it is compassion, but to be compassionate requires some degrees of cruelty “A prince must no worry if he incurs reproach for his cruelty so long as he keeps his subjects loyal and united.” XVIII How princes should honor their word It is praiseworthy to give and honor ones word, but those who are most successful are those who give their words lightly Successful princes are those who overcome people abiding by honest principles Make use of both ways Machiavelli preaches about having balance in a prince, he makes reference to law and force… men and beasts…”one must act according to the nature of both.” A prince cannot and must not honor his word when it puts him at a disadvantage If all men were good then a prince would honor his word all the time, since this is not
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