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The women in renaissance Italy were regarded as things of beauty, to beheld and admired. The women in this time face very strict social constraint, especially strict in Venice. The class of courtesan women was mainly seen as being lowly, sinful and dirty, however there were a few women in the profession who were respected in society. Veronica Franco was one of the respected women of the courtesan class and she was able to experience high society through her work. However, in her letter to a mother
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Unformatted text preview: discouraging her from making her daughter a courtesan, Veronica describes vile nature of her work. Even with the restrictions that society place on women some were able to receive private tutoring at home and thus become educated to different degrees. So women even traveled performing plays and comedies like Flaminco Scala’s, however the prestige and honor that came to men of the same position was not transferred to women as well....
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