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unit 12 essay - seems as though Villegagnon was reaching...

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Essay Question #1: Look for occurrences of "nature" and its derivatives in your  readings of the History of a Voyage. How does L é ry understand nature and  human nature in particular? Was the conflict between the Calvinists and Villegagnon due to one side  misunderstanding or misleading the other? Base your answer on the texts you  have studied. I believe that the conflict between the Calvinists and Villegagnon was more due  to a misunderstanding between the two rather than Villegagnon misleading the  Calvinists.  Villegagnon wrote to Calvin, a friend from his youth, for help.  Villegagnon’s writing to Calvin took place during a time when the relations  between the Catholics and the Calvinists or Protestants were not well defined.  It 
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Unformatted text preview: seems as though Villegagnon was reaching out for help from Calvin during the revolt in Rio, not planning to set up and deliver a blow to the Calvinists. Villegagnon made a huge mistake in seeking help from John Calvin because the core differences in the beliefs of the two groups were too great to over come. I believe that Villegagnon’s initial reception of Richer, Lery and others to the Brazilian colony was genuine (pp 33, 34) however it was slightly ignorant because Villegagnon misunderstood the differences between the newcomers and those who were already in the colony....
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