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#2 Machiavelli describes a perfect prince that has a required quality of prudence. Machiavelli's prince does what is in his and his state's best interest. Machiavelli's prudent prince is not cautious as we would associate the meaning of prudent with, he is wise, intelligent and an excellent descision maker. Pantagreul displays prudence by making correct and wise descisions concerning his army. Pantagreul is able to see over the
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Unformatted text preview: clouds to see the extent of a storm and therefore know that it is safe for his men to continue on. Prudence in the renaissance sense is different than prudence is today. During the renaissance prudence was a necessary quality of a ruler, which meant that the ruler was not only cautious but also attentive and cunning. Machivelli described this in the prince and Pantagruel displayed this in brazil....
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