Geo331 corundum outline

Geo331 corundum outline - 3 Crystal(hexagonal IV What...

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Corundum: Rubies I. Introduction A. Corundum overview 1. Types a. Sapphires b. Rubies 2. General facts (mention specific gravity/ density) a. Where found b. Mineral structure c. Rarity and value B. Ruby general facts II. What are the Different varieties, and why are they different? A. Sapphires 1. Blue sapphires a. Fe and Ti i. Charge transfer ii. Concentration levels b. Star sapphires 2. “Fancy” sapphires a. Color range b. Distinctive properties. B. Rubies 1. Chrome a. Formation b. Rarity
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2. Color variations a. Burmese, Thailand b. Mong Hsu c. Vietnam, East Africa 3. Star rubies III. What are the common characteristics and properties of the material? A. Physical properties 1. Hardness (9) 2. Specific gravity (4)
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Unformatted text preview: 3. Crystal (hexagonal) IV. What factors affect its value? A. Color B. Transparency V. Is it synthesized? A. Flame fusion 1. Auguste Verneuil 2. Low cost B. Pulling, flux, hydrothermal processes VI. Ruby simulants A. Red spinel/ balas ruby B. Tourmaline/ rubellite C. Red garnet VII. Conclusion A. General fact review (origins, value, types) B. Interesting facts References Ward, Fred. Rubies & Sapphires . Gem Book Publishers. 1998. TS755 R82 W37 1998 Hughes, Richard W. Ruby & Sapphire . RWH Publishing. 1997. QE391 C9 H84 1997...
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Geo331 corundum outline - 3 Crystal(hexagonal IV What...

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