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Notes February 27, 2007 Charlie Carlson Economy of 1920’s Transition from inner-directed definition of success to other-directed definition of success for the individual Managers work way up in the company Infrastructure of economy is established Managers have more of a concern for the workers below them, social concerns came with the new business culture Politics of 1920’s Politics was disconnected from the lives of many Americans Scandals- only in Harding administration Tea Pot Dome: WY oil reserve held by Federal government. Albert Fall leases land to two friends under shady circumstances. Harding never knew about it. Charles Forbes and Charles Kramer sold veterans medical supplies. Details emerge after Kramer’s suicide. Shows how Harding was bad at keeping the right kind of company. Dogherty as Attorney General. Was a controversial choice because of the company that he kept. Jess Smith made him look bad because he was involved in selling illegal liquor permits. Harding was generally an honest person but he did very little, if anything,
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