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Entwhistle5.3outline - F Late Aug liberation of Paris 1...

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Heather Entwistle 5/3/2007 I. War in Europe A) U.S. and Soviets had the greatest resources. 1) The British did not. 2) ”Frugal war” was Churchill’s approach. B) The U.S. and British defeated Germans in Sicily easily. 1) There was a coup versus Mussolini. C) Germans held a line in Italy, so we came around at Anzio. 1) This was a disaster. 2) Italy was not as easy to travel through as Churchill had expected, though. 3) It took six months to get halfway through Italy. II. D-Day A) Allies won by squeezing the Germans from both sides. 1) Soviets from east, U.S./Britain from the west. 2) Both sides were necessary to win. 3) Soviets made arguably the greater contribution, with the longest battle line ever. B) The Germans knew it was coming, but they did not know where or when. 1) Patton was used as a decoy to keep planned attack location secret. C) Paratroops operation was a mess. D) It took three weeks to capture Cherbourg. E) We had air supremacy – the Germans had very little left.
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Unformatted text preview: F) Late Aug: liberation of Paris 1) Optimistic talk of the war being over by Christmas. III. Battle of the Bulge A) Dec 44. B) Germans pushed Allies back. C) Largest number of American POWs were captured here (100,000+) IV. War in Asia A) May 8 th /9 th : German surrender 1) To a lot of people, this signified that the war was over – they did not care about Japan. B) We attacked the Japanese through the central Pacific versus coming up through New Guinea/the Phillippines. 1) McArthur wanted to go through New Guinea. C) Manila fell in Mar ’45 (despite landing in the Phillippines in Oct ’44). 1) This should have been a warning how difficult ground war in Asia can be D) Phillippines/Burma are the only two big ground battles. E) We captured islands as supply bases: 1) Iwo Jima 2) Okinawa: last combat experience before aiming for Japanese surrender...
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