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Outline from May 1, 2007 Jennifer Hill -Events in the “East” not priority to FDR; he was more concerned about what was happening in Europe. -no matter what else was happening this was the case, he doesn’t give this area of the world “Presidential Attention.” -Secretary of State had major influence on making of Pearl Harbor. -At the beginning of WWII civil bombing was shunned, not so at the end of the war; this is an important difference between WWI and WWII because WWI was centered on battlefields and civilian bombing was always thought as immoral. -FDR resists Japanese expansion, has a moral embargo on aviation gasoline. -1938-Abligating trade treaty with Japan-when the year is up the U.S. could trade with Japan however they wanted. -Media played a large role in the way Japanese were portrayed. News was anti-Japanese -Fall of 1940 with France and Netherlands created big difference in Asia because of the many colonies they controlled. Japan eventually gets control of Vietnam from France. -FDR puts stop on scrap iron to Japan in an effort to deter them, U.S. is biggest source of scrap iron for them
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