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Mark Staff History 397 Lecture 5/1 Cordell Hull : - Never attended World summit conferences showing lack of trust from FDR - Negotiated with the Japanese up to morning of Pearl Harbor FDR Japanese Policy : - FDR Eurocentric policy, backburner attitude with Japan - FDR main goal was to stop Japanese expansion into Asia - FDR announces US wont sell gas to Japan - 1938 FDR gives year notice ending trade agreement with Japan - 1940 FDR proposes embargo on scrap iron sales to Japan - July 1941 US oil embargo against Japan; Vulnerable to economic sanctions - Japan has 6-7 month supply of oil - FDR not deliberately provoking war, given the choice to put up or shut up, FDR thought Japan would ‘shut up’ Japan’s War : - Pearl Harbor was a surgical strike; US didn’t think Japan was capable of it - Pearl Harbor was a sideshow, main attacks in SE Asia; Most impressive Blitzkrieg of WWII - Japanese offensive extended from Artic Circle to Northern Australia
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Unformatted text preview: -Japan over extended themselves, started the process of their own defeat-Does not have manpower or industry like US to support heavy losses-US very lucky not to have Aircraft Carriers in Pearl Harbor at the time of the attack War in Europe :-Two critical battles were El Alamein in west Egypt 1942, and Stalingrad; both loses would have been disastrous for Allies-1942 was the year of buying time, fighting to make sure we don’t lose-FDR said we’d have 2 nd front in 1942, didn’t happen until 1944 (lack of forces and materials)-High altitude bombing of Germany very costly for American lives and not very successful; peak of German production was during bombing Strategic Debate :-British favored attacking ‘soft underbelly’ of German forces in Italy and Balkans (furthest German extension)-Mountains in Italy, lack of infrastructure, roads and railroads made it easy to impede movement...
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