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Brian Steinmetz Section 301 Lecture Outline February 15, 2007 Lecture Topic: End of WWI, battle for League of Nations I. Diplomacy -W. Wilson fought alongside the allies but tried to distance the US from them - 1917 Russian Revolution Russian's leave war and call for everyone else to do so -W.Wilson responds with the "14 Points" in January 1918 with a league of nations - fall of 1918 German military knew they would lose stepped aside and let civilian govt. sue for peace based on the "14 Points" - British do not like 14 Points but Wilson plays hardball by threatening to make a separate peace - Military terms of cease fire determined by the French - German demilitarization weakened W. Wilson's bargaining position II. Politics -Theodore Roosevelt and H. C. Lodge wanted war with all central powers -Nov. 1918 Wilson fails in attempt to get Democrats back in power in Congress - Very partisan period of time - Wilson heads U.S. delegation in Paris peace talks - Wilson criticized for lack of senators and prominent republicans in delegation,
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