syll07 - HISTORY 418: IMPERIAL RUSSIA, 1801-1914 1111...

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HISTORY 418: IMPERIAL RUSSIA, 1801-1914 1111 Humanities, TR 9:30-10:45 Prof. D. McDonald, 3211K Humanities, 263-1807. email: Office Hours: Wed. 1-2:30; Fri. 1-3:30 OR by appt. TEXTBOOKS: N. Riasanovsky, A History of Russia , (hardcover or paper, various editions). T. Riha, T.(ed.), Readings in Russian Civilization , vol. II, (pb). B. Clements, B. Engel, and C. Worobec, Russia's Women , (pb.) B. Dmytryshyn, Imperial Russia: A Source Book COURSE INFORMATION AND REQUIREMENTS: History 418 is a lecture course for three, four, or honors credit. It addresses the main themes of Russia's social, intellectual, political, and diplomatic history from the accession of Alexander I in 1801 to the twilight of the imperial order at the beginning of the Great War. Instruction will consist of two components, lectures and section meetings. Lectures will be based on the assigned textbook readings. I assume that students will have read the appropriate texts before coming to lecture. The second part of the course is the weekly section meeting. Attendance at section meetings is mandatory . To encourage attendance, preparation, and participation, work in the section meetings will make up 20% of the final grade. In section meetings, students will discuss assigned texts which treat in greater detail problems or events raised in lecture. Needless to say, students will be expected to have read these texts before going to section. The nature of the written work for this course varies, depending on the number of credits for which the class is being taken. All students will write a brief (5-7pp.) paper on a topic chosen from an assigned list. Due on
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syll07 - HISTORY 418: IMPERIAL RUSSIA, 1801-1914 1111...

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