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Nicole Tierney, Section 301 Lecture Outline Lecture Date: March 1, 2007 This lecture covered Prohibition and Fundamentalism, and the effects of both on life in the United States leading up to the 1928 election. I. Prohibition -Arose out of the atmosphere of moral fervor of Progressive Reform -Liquor regarded as another one of the predatory interests undermining the moral fiber of the nation -Originated as a way of helping people (sympathetic impulses behind it) -Once put into law, prohibition saw a gradual change in public opinion -Gradation of responses, many people (esp. politicians) would publicly support it, and privately drink -Ethnic groups (Germans, Irish, Italians) were the true opponents to prohibition -Battle over prohibition=sectional (urban vs. rural) -Democrats suffered most in the battle- constituency contained wettest wet and driest dry (Al Smith v. William Jennings Bryan) - Two Major Effects on US : 1.) Turned crime into big business (esp. in Detroit and Chicago) -supply and demand
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