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Wietgrefe5.1outline - of Egypt Stalingrad Aug ’41 Feb...

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Brian Wietgrefe 397 Notes 5/1/7, on this day in 1920 nothing happened. Meanwhile, back at the ranch in Asia Cordell Hull, Chief negotiator with Japan was not close to Roosevelt Admin. Sino-Japanese War 1937 prompts US response to limit Japanese expansion Aviation Gas embargo 1937, 1938 Abrogating Trade Treaty 1940 Japan pressures for enclaves in Northern Indochina, Scrap Iron Embargo Summer ’41 Japan takes Enclaves in S Indochina Pacific fleet ordered to Pearl, Build forces in Philippines including B-24s July 1941 full Oil embargo limits Japan to a 6-7 mo. supply for its military Pearl Harbor Dec. 7, 1941 Conspiracy theories are insane. Sideshow, blitzkrieg in SE Asia was impressive Overextension at Coral Sea and Midway Resource Based War El Alamein Montgomery’s victory over Rommel to eliminate threat on Suez Germans were talking to Arab Nationalists, Ali Rashid of Iraq, Nasser and Sadat
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Unformatted text preview: of Egypt Stalingrad Aug ’41- Feb ‘43 Moscow and Leningrad held out barely Stalingrad was Urban fighting, Caucasus (oil), Central Asia US involvement First Part of War was buying time to mobilize industry Europe First Strategy decided at Argentia Newfoundland, Aug 14, 1941 (before war) 2 nd Front Stalin’s biggest wish, Germany had fought on one front for the entire war Africa didn’t do it; Italy didn’t do it, not until D-Day and France Air War didn’t really accomplish much German Industry climaxes Dec 1944 Africa US gets beat badly at the Battle of the Kasserine Pass, Feb 1943 Churchill refers to US as “our Italy,” a tremendous insult Soft Underbelly of Europe Invasion of Italy follows conclusion of African campaign Debate was over whether it was wiser to attack cross channel in 1943, or 1944. Churchill won, Italy was invaded...
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