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TIMELINE: WORLD WAR II This is not an inclusive list of events surrounding World War II. For a much more exhaustive list, see the timeline at http://history.sandiego.edu/GEN/WW2Timeline/. But don’t get bogged down in every little detail as you study for the exam. Focus instead on the things that lecture and the reading emphasized. September 18, 1931: Japan invades Manchuria under false pretenses.(Claimed the Chinese blew up a Japanese-owned railroad. Japanese agents were themselves responsible.) January 30, 1933: Hitler is appointed Chancellor in Germany August 2, 1934: Hitler consolidates his power and declares Germany the Third Reich. December 12, 1937: USS Panay sunk in attack by Japanese planes. December 13, 1937 : Nanjing falls to Japanese;”Rape of Nanking” follows. 1938: February 20, 1938: Hitler announces support for Japan May 12, 1938: Austria is annexed by Germany in the Anschluss, or reunification of German populations of the two nations. November 9-10, 1938 Kristallnacht in Germany. Hundreds of synagogues are vandalized or destroyed, thousands of Jews are attacked. 1939: March 15, 1939: Germany invades Czechoslavakia July 26, 1939: FDR terminates trade treaty with Japan, effective in 6 months August 23, 1939: Germany and the Soviet Union sign a non-aggression pact with provisions for dividing Eastern Europe after the war. September 1, 1939: Germany Invades Poland September 3, 1939: After Germany refuses to withdraw from Poland, Great Britain and France declare war against Germany September 17, 1939: The Soviet Union invades Poland from the east. 1940: March 3, 1940: Soviet Union invades Finland April 9, 1940: Germany invades Denmark and Norway; Denmark surrenders April 10, 1940: The UK and France make a surprise attack on the Germany Navy at the First Battle of Narvik. A second attack follows three days later. May 1, 1940:
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